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The Diversity &Inclusion professional should develop a strategic plan that incorporates the following core principles – inclusion, diversity, equity, accessibility, and leadership. These concepts will help to ensure that your D&I goals and strategy are well-defined to make sure of a successful implementation.  The IDEAL Playbook will fill you in on key industry organizations, industry buzzwords, and steps to start your strategic framework.


      the ideal framework is the strategy you need to pivot your career

Online Learning

Self-paced online course that will walk you through the steps to create your IDEAL Framework and position you to pivot to a career in the diversity and inclusion space. 


Inclusion is committing to have an open-minded outlook, and seeking to value all individuals, embrace differences and promote acceptance.


Diversity is cultivating a diverse and strategic skill set as an advantage to help transition into new areas.  Your unique character traits and experiences that defines you - brings diversity to the team.


Equity is providing equal access to opportunities and promoting fairness. It’s about giving someone what they need specifically, and not what is needed generally.  Your communication style should be authentically spoken with clarity and transparency. 


Accessibility is creating and cultivating a quality network that leads to accessing viable opportunities. It’s your ability to reach your goals without hindrances or obstacles.


Leadership is connecting with leaders to increase your visibility. It’s the art of guiding a diverse team to work together and deliver results.

The Mission

I’m Pamela Pujo, a diversity and inclusion strategist, with a passion for and mission to guide and support career-driven women of color on how to market and position themselves for success.  I’m here to teach you everything I know through one-on-one strategy sessions, IDEAL Insider updates, inspiration, and a consistent can-do attitude!

I created Unlimited IDEALs, after realizing that many women of color needed to know the inside scoop on how to use and level up their inherent diversity to realize their career goals.  I’m committed to assisting more women with crushing their career goals.

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"Think  like a queen.  A queen is not afraid to fail."

oprah winfrey


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