Meet Pamela Pujo

DIVERSITY & INCLUSION Career strategist

“I believe that with strategic direction and relevant resources,

we all can achieve the IDEAL career that we desire.”

Pamela is a self-starter and always adding valuable insights to get the job done.  By focusing on customer satisfaction, her easygoing yet can-do attitude has been instrumental in the formulation of recommendations to develop business initiatives and identify strategies to increase performance.  Her work ethic has served to gain her recognition as a Diversity Champion Award recipient presented by the National Diversity Council.


Her mission is to encourage inclusion, diversity, and equity within workspaces and the marketplace.  Pamela has presented at various speaking engagements and on webinars pertaining to diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace.  She was the host of the IDEAL Insights Radio Show, a live broadcast that featured guests who spoke on topics relevant to advancing women of color professionally and personally.

Keyboard and Mouse

Pamela is driven in equal measure by the desire to produce and deliver top-notch assistance and a dedication to help others succeed translates into passion, creativity and efficiency. Not only is she knowledgeable, detailed, and organized, she also has 10+ years of professional experience in creating diversity and inclusion strategies, designing creative content, and generating ideas and solutions by effectively utilizing skills such as collaborative planning and open dialogue communication.

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We offer expert coaching, consulting, and courses. We provide insider knowledge and strategies to give you the skills, knowledge, and confidence to pursue your dream of working in the Diversity & Inclusion space. We help you establish a framework to follow and help you in the diversity and inclusion space.

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