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the ideal playbook


The IDEAL Playbook

The IDEAL Playbook is an insider's guide that delivers knowledge AND strategies to give you the skills, knowledge, emotional intelligence, and confidence to pursue your dream of working in the DEI space.

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Unlimited Ideal Playbook

develop a framework

The Diversity &Inclusion professional should develop a strategic plan that incorporates the following core principles – inclusion, diversity, equity, accessibility, and leadership. These concepts will help to ensure that your D&I goals and strategy are well-defined to make sure of a successful implementation.  The IDEAL Playbook will fill you in on key industry organizations, industry buzzwords, and steps to start your strategic framework.

Take the Next Steps

with your playbook and a framework

Want to experience a fulfilling career as a Diversity & Inclusion professional?  Do you dream of shifting the corporate culture in the direction to be more diverse and inclusive?  The IDEAL Playbook has the resources to connect you to industry organizations and provide the foundational knowledge to help you start your journey to your IDEAL career.

build a strategy

start your DEI Career with a plan

Outline your strategic framework that is focused on improving the work environment.

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Understand key concepts

start your dei career with confidence

Learn industry terminology and join the conversation confidently.

learn industry organizations

network with other dei professionals

Become familiar with diversity-related organizations to start networking.

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what's inside

  • Commonly used diversity-related terminology are defined and explained in the playbook to guide you in the right direction to speak the language of other DEI professionals.

  • Names of industry organizations that are commonly referenced in the DEI space as well as links to their websites to give you direct and quick access.

  • A 5-step framework that lays out the beginning of a strategic DEI plan to provide you with a foundation to build your own DEI strategy.

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