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Struggling to advance your career in the Diversity & Inclusion space?

Join the IDEAL Playbook course

Get ready to develop your personalized framework and strategies to pivot or position yourself in an exciting career as a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Expert.

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Here’s What You and I Both Know:

The challenges of being a professional woman of color are many.

Even in workplaces that believe they have mastered diversity, equity, and inclusion, multicultural females face an uphill battle in career advancement. You have the degree, the experience, but continue to encounter the many obstacles that prevent you from advancing your career.

That’s where you need a playbook and a framework.

There is a framework to help you to speed up the process to getting that new job. That allows you to understand the inner workings of corporate so you can advance your career options. One that gives you the knowledge and background on how to transfer your skills to a new role, especially if you intend to work in the diversity space. One that outlines all aspects of delivering effectively in a DEI role no matter which company you’re in. That allows you to crush those interview sessions and be confident that you have the requisite knowledge to take on the role.

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The IDEAL Playbook

The on-demand, self-paced online course designed to help you leverage your diversity for career advancement

The IDEAL Playbook delivers insider knowledge AND strategies to give you the skills, knowledge, emotional intelligence, and confidence to pursue your dream of working in the DEI space.

This training is for you if you want to learn:

The different D&I roles available and how to transfer the skills you now have to help you pivot into these roles.

What employers look for and the diversity demographics that are tracked so you know where and how to position yourself for advancement.

What are the six character traits of an inclusive leader and how you can develop these traits to become a sought-after leader in your field.

How to use your diversity to advance your career without it being a matter of “playing the race card.”

Ready for a new career?

Embark on a DEI Career with Confidence

This on-demand, self-paced course is designed to get you ready to pivot with essential training on the tasks and responsibilities of a DEI role. You’ll learn all the necessary industry jargon and concepts that allow you to take charge in your new position as a DEI expert.

Lady typing on a laptop
Lady typing on a laptop

Want to follow a mission-driven path?

Begin Your New Career as a DEI Professional

Each module in this course is designed to give you the tools, knowledge, and skills to start or enhance your career as a D&I professional. You’ll learn the ins and outs of managing and impacting diversity, inclusion, and equity in the workplace.

Need direct guidance and someone to talk to?

Get a Free 30-Minute Coaching Session

Take advantage of the FREE 30-minute live coaching session to answer your questions and get one-on-one guidance to help you advance or pivot in your career.

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Pamela Pujo with laptop

Hi, I’m Pamela Pujo

Your Diversity & Inclusion Career Strategist

I created The IDEAL Playbook to give women of color an advantage in the workplace.

As someone who has worked for decades in the DEI space, interviewed numerous corporate leaders and staff, and worked personally with professionals transitioning in their career, I have the inside knowledge on how DEI can advance your career. I’ve compiled all that knowledge into an easy to follow, self-paced course to allow you to learn at your own pace to get ready to advance your career.

This IDEAL Playbook is a framework that will help you crush your career goals, and I can’t wait to see you making strides as the professional, ambitious woman you are.

what's inside

All You Need to Start Your New Career (or enhance your current position)

  • 5 modules of in-depth training on being a DEI expert and delivering on the requirements of improving diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

  • Downloadable workbook and exercises to help you create a personalized framework and strategy that works for your unique situation.

  • Free 1-hour coaching session with DEI and Career Development Expert, Pamela, to help you chart your course for a growth-focused career.

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